Who is EDDIE?

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Who is EDDIE? Why you should know!

Melbourne-bred DJ/producer EDDIE is a wonderful soul I had the chance of meeting during Ultra 2018 and immediately wanted to get to know more about. He took the time to chat with me via email (long distance makes those in-person interviews rough and I couldn’t expense a trip to Australia) so I could get to know a bit more about him.  

RH: So, first things first, you’re pretty young. How long have you been working in the music industry?

E: So I’ve been producing for 5/6 years now – since I was 17… jeesh I’m getting close to that decade mark.

RH: Haha I don’t think you have anything to worry about there. You’ve been producing for quite some time from a young age. Did you play any instruments growing up? Did any family/friends influenced you in any way towards music?

E: I played piano and sang for few years early on but I can no longer do either anymore unfortunately…. I just never stuck through with them, although picking up piano again soon sounds like something I’m going to do ASAP. Yeah for sure, dad got me into AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and even Rammstein early on and I’d say that’s where I got the early influence for enjoying high energy records and then of course finding the edm equivalent haha.

RH: Your dad and my parents have similar music tastes it sounds like. You’ve been in music for a while then, what brought you into this part of the music industry?

E: It was this HUGE underage festival that I went to when I was like 15/16 and I remember I was already a heavy “EDM” listener… and this lineup was ridiculously good, from Dada Life to Porter Robinson to deadmau5… … this festival had all the big hitters and It was my first ever event I attended so I had this massive smile the whole day/night and I just remember thinking. “Flippin far out, is it really that impossible to also try and do this for a living one day” so I started getting into it after that!! I also later realized that everyone wanted to be a DJ/producer at that age, so it took some time to basically prove myself to myself that I could do it for real… if that makes sense? Haha

RH: I think we’ve all had that festival experience that changed us so it makes sense to me! I’m definitely more of a spectator though, keep me away from the CDJs. But you are making it! How do you feel your sound is different? What do you want people to feel when they listen to you?

E: I’m just out here making whatever I feel like these days but most of the time I just want to make either energetic tracks or some nice melodic stuff… I mean you can tell how I keep a variety of styles in my EPs! Always trying to keep the audience guessing on what could possibly be next.

RH: What are you hoping to accomplish?

E: World domination

RH: Sounds like a solid goal to me, start with one venue at a time! If you had advice to give your younger self/others pursuing a career in the industry, what would it be?

E: Create your own luck and don’t let the setbacks keep you down.

RH: You mentioned seeing Deadmau5 at your first festival and now you’re apart of Mau5trap. How has working with Mau5trap changed/influenced your sound or style?

E: I was already influenced by deadmau5 prior to signing to mau5trap! So, since I’ve been on there they’ve actually been super chilled and let me do my thing which I’m grateful for! Freedom to write whatever you want is rare so it’s cool that they put out so many EPs from me 😊

RH: You just released an EP earlier this year; can you give us a look at what else you have in store for 2019? Any collabs we should be looking out for?

E: Lemme tell ya…. I called these past couple of months “Juicy June & July” ……okay I didn’t but let’s go with it haha. SO, I had the collaboration “Closer” with ATLiens, an absolute WILD tune that no one saw coming which I love and then I had the long awaited No Mana collab “Untitled Forever” & they’re both very different from each other. Then in July my collab “Stress” with space mum aka REZZ came out so I guess you could say I’ve been busy and I’m excited for everyone to hear all this noise. I have a few more projects up my sleeve before the end of the year.

RH: Who has been your favorite artists to work with so far?

E:I Haven’t actually worked with any of them in person because I live in Australia so it’s been collabing via sending stems, but In general working with all of them that way has been so fluid and efficient… love them all.

RH: So we’ve covered the entire musical aspect that is EDDIE. What do you do besides music? Any fun hobbies?

E: I collect Pop vinyls and a heck load of harry potter collectibles, I also game A LOT.

RH: Personally, I am a huge Harry Potter fan so if I wasn’t a fan of you before (I was) I definitely am now! Alright, I know the time difference must be killer answering all my questions so last one: how can people get in touch with you?

E: So all of my socials are a great way to stay up to date on what’s going on in my life! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Soundcloud

RH: You heard it guys! Go ahead and give him a follow to stay updated on what’s to come! 

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