Golf Clap’s Come Alive Tour 2019

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Golf Clap’s Come Alive Tour 2019

This is the time to be alive and well! The Country Club Disco Community is absolutely thriving with the announcement of Golf Clap’s “Come Alive” tour! Coming from Detroit, Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones have really made a name for themselves with their fiery passion for music! 

Starting in 2013, Golf Clap has worked tirelessly towards their dreams. From their originals to their remixes, Golf Clap really captures the crowd through their deep basslines and funky rhythms.

“Rhythm makes people dance, melody makes people remember, and Golf Clap aims to keep you coming back for more.” – Bryan Jones. 

  After their breakthrough in 2018, it is time for them to spread their groovy vibes through 25+ cities across America! The Come Alive tour will not only showcase what the duo has been labbin’ but will also highlight up and coming talent!  Their style is unlike any other typical house set and each set varies depending on the vibe. 

Artists such as Mija, Dom Dolla, Christian Martin, Worthy, Will Clarke, Sinden, and several others will be accompanying them throughout the Come Alive journey. 

The movement they have started with Country Club Disco is beautiful, it gives underground artists the opportunity to receive recognition for their work. Fans have been following the movement very closely causing it to spread like wildfire! 

Along with the tour announcement, Golf Clap has released a mix that gives fans a sneak-peek of what the duo has in store for them. You can give this mix a listen below!

Ticket information along with Golf Clap’s links will also be listed below. 

DO NOT SLEEP ON THIS TOUR, these boys are making history as we speak. 





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