Intercom’s “No Running” ft. Park Avenue Combines Heavy Bass and Feelsy Vibes

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Intercom returns with a fire track featuring Park Avenue called “No Running” that is sure to put a smile on fan’s faces and a beat in their hearts. Powerful lyrics  “I set the world on fire, chasing my desires…” paint a vivid picture in the listener’s mind; this feels like something we can all relate to. The song starts out wistful, with nostalgic vibes, as the drums enter, giving the song a strong drive and solid rhythm. The beat builds and drops, coinciding perfectly with the moody vibe the song gives, while still giving you energy to get up and move. Soft muted lyrics come back in, gathering a build, releasing more emotion in the listeners before returning with strong instrumentals and melodies. This is definitely a track to take notice of, as Intercom and Park Avenue expertly combine the elements of heavy bass and feelsy vocals!

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