Habstrakt and Boombox Cartel Turn Up the Heat at the Release Pool Party

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It was a blazing hot day, but I was impressed at how many people braved the 112 degree heat. The sun beat down, hot and fierce; nonetheless, the pool party already seemed to be poppin’ when my friend Tony and I arrived at Talking Stick Resort. It honestly felt too hot to drink, so I opted to just drink water for the show this time. For once, I’d actually remembered to spray on sunblock this time (I usually always forget).

Openers TokyoNotJapan and Richi Savage opened the show. Our locals always impress me with their vibes, and I thought the booking complemented the headliners well. Richi Savage’s sets always stand out to me as he blends bass-house tunes that you can’t help but dance to.

Habstrakt gets into his sets, and I LOVE IT!
Photo credits to Release Pool Party official Facebook page

I had no idea what to expect from Habstrakt’s set, to be honest. I expected it to be much heavier than it was. I’ve been really more into deep progressive house-type stuff lately and expected his set to be bass-heavy and trappy. Maybe even with some dubstep. Surprisingly, I really enjoyed it. It was bass-house, but it was the type I liked. He even sprinkled in some Night Bass songs here and there. What I liked about him is he played a lot of his own originals. The heat didn’t faze him; he looked clearly in his element in his white tee shirt. He was energetic and lively, and his set was as well. I was also super impressed at all the fans who braved the hot sun and was dancing to his set. Kudos to ya’ll, for real. If he ever comes again, I would definitely go and see him.

The sun goes down and the dance floor gets packed!
Photo credits to Release Pool Party official Facebook page

Boombox Cartel played next and in his yellow jacket, he braved the heat as well. He had such a high energy about him, I was suitably impressed. He played a lot of mainstream crowd favorites, and judging by the reactions around me, people loved it, as they sang along. Boombox Cartel also surprised me because he played a lot of different genres in his set, which I wasn’t expecting. To be honest, I expected a more trap-heavy set too. He played some drum and bass, and even threw in some Latin-music type stuff, and some lively mariachi-type songs that had me dancing quickly to the beat. Towards the end of his set was when he really started to grab my attention. He played some future bass tracks and future bass is one of my favorite genres, so I was promptly thrilled. He then ended his set with house vibes and my heart was happy. Boombox Cartel really enjoyed interacting with the crowd and often spoke on the mic. He seemed to really love hyping the crowd up, and the crowd responded well to that.

It was such a hot day, but the heat didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits. The dance floor was busy and when the sun went down, it became packed with hot, sweaty bodies. I loved that everyone was so energetic. Their spirited vibes seemed to contribute to both the dj’s stage presence. They truly put on a show and turned up the heat with their sets. The music was a hype summer festival set and the crowd ate it up. Talking Stick Resort and Relentless Beats definitely put on a good show for the Release Pool party that Saturday. One of the highlights is also the mass abundance of free, ice-cold water. I really look forward to the next one I want to attend: Louis the Child and Whethan.

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