‘Lose Control’ Vibes

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Coming straight from playing two stages at EDC, G-House guru and founder of Do Not Duplicate Recordings BIJOU is forging full speed ahead. Without losing momentum, he has just released a new track: ‘Lose Control,’ featuring Marco XO.

This was the perfect post-festival single with soft instrumentals blending in with melancholy vocals. The vibe is moody, thoughtful, and a little bit dark.  With lyrics like “I lost control….trapped in a nightmare…” pulling at my heartstrings, I’m forced to close my eyes and take a deep breath, floating in my feelings, before BIJOU hits me with his signature heavy baseline. Immediately, I’m brought back to earth, body swaying, arms in the air while experiencing a sense of freedom. The visuals I created in my own head to this song are otherworldly: dark nights, bright stars, and luminous pools of water vibrating to the beat.

This may not be as trap-heavy or upbeat as some of the other songs we’ve gotten from him this year, but “Lose Control” is a track you won’t forget, especially after such an incredible performance at EDC. With festival season upon us, shouldn’t we all be losing a little bit of control?