The Man Behind #DanceShowWithMJR

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While scrolling through Twitter one day, I came across #DanceShowWithMJR. Being an EDM scene newbie, I became immediately intrigued. I love to dance and I love shows so I quickly clicked *follow* and started reading tweets. I discovered who MJR was. After connecting with Michael (MJR) and learning a bit more about his background in EDM, we discovered we’ve attended a few of the same festivals in the last year. After he sent me a few of his shows to listen to, I wanted to pick his brain on #DanceShowWithMJR and the man behind it, so he graciously granted me a Q&A session.

SF: So let’s start with the show, what is Dance Show With MJR? Who is MJR?

MJR: It’s a two-hour weekly EDM radio show that airs on 23 radio stations in 15 states and stations in Germany, Grand Cayman and the Netherlands every weekend. It plays the best in EDM and also awesome and exclusive remixes of radio hits as well. DJ Snake, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren and Tiesto are just some of the many names that get played on the show. I also add my own personality into the show, as well with content driven to the music and my audience. As for the MJR, those the initials for my full name: Michael John Roach. On the radio, using MJR is so much easier than using my whole full name because it’s way too long.

SF: Wow, 23 stations in 15 states and multiple countries outside the U.S. is quite an accomplishment, do you have a goal in mind for your reach?

MJR: To be honest, I just want to keep reaching people all over the world, bringing EDM to people who like It and to new people who may be hearing EDM for the first time.

SF: How long have you been in radio? What made you get into EDM?

MJR: I started in radio in June 2011 (so it’s been about 8 years now) when I started my career in Phoenix at the East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT) working on their new radio station 90.7 The Goldmine. I got in EDM right away; I played artists like Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Tiesto, Daft Punk, Martin Garrix, etc. on that radio station. I play those songs as Oh Snap TB tracks on #DanceShowWithMJR now that I used to play on 90.7 The Goldmine.

SF: I’ve listened to a few of your shows (they’ve gotten me through some long work drives actually) and you really make sure to keep everything moving smoothly, was there a bit of a learning curve with it?

MJR: Not really, since I’ve been in radio for so long and coming from a commercial radio background, I know exactly how things should sound. It’s important to know how things should match up and to always keep the music moving. The music is the key part of the show, along with the personality from myself that I add into it, and of course, artist background info and interesting facts they may have not known before!

SF: What led you to a career in radio?

MJR: Growing up listening to all the great radio stations in Philadelphia is what really got me interested in radio. I was big a fan of Q102, WOGL, WMMR and WYSP. I wanted to be the person talking over the microphone because I love talking to and with people, so I knew right away this was the perfect place to use my speaking abilities and talents.

SF: You mentioned Philadelphia, you must not be from Arizona then. How long have you been here?

MJR: That’s right, I grew up in beautiful Philadelphia, PA/South NJ. I moved to Arizona in June of 2005 because my parents wanted a break from the cold and snow! I don’t mind staying here as long as I can because I can do the show from the comfort of my home, although I would love to get back to home to be on Philadelphia radio someday.

SF: I’m sure with your current reach you could be on your own show in Philadelphia soon enough. What makes Dance Show with MJR unique on the radio landscape?

MJR: Haha we will see, hopefully someday! My show is unique as it’s an EDM show and I play a great mix of radio hits and also music that fans of electronic music can’t usually find on typical radio stations. I’m not playing only the Top 40.

SF: Who are some of the Artists/DJs you’ve met/Interviewed?

MJR: A few artists I’ve had the opportunity to meet and talk with have been San Holo, ARTY, Spencer Brown, Marshmello, and Slushii. I’m hoping to add a few more to the list during this festival season.

SF: You play quite a few big name artists. Do you play music from local/unsigned artists/DJs?

MJR: Yes, if I can fit a track or two in, I try to help as many of them as possible. They can e-mail me at michaelroach30@gmail.com or find me on Twitter at @MJROnRadio if they want to connect and get featured.

SF: With your love of music and the radio, have you ever thought about DJing/Producing?

MJR: Not really, I love talking on the radio and putting together radio stuff. It’s just what I love the most.

SF: What shows/Festivals have you been to? What’s on the schedule for 2019?

MJR: Global AZ 2016 was my first EDM Event but I have gone to Decadence AZ 2018, Crush AZ 2017, 2018, 2019, Phoenix Lights 2017, 2019, Goldrush 2018, Deadbeats 420. This year I’m going to be going to the Release pool parties, Goldrush, Boo, Origins and Decadence.

SF: So, I obviously found out about the show via Twitter. How important is social media to what you’re doing?

MJR: For me I do my show from my house. I don’t currently have a home station, so all of my promotion is dependent on me. I find social media to be a free outlet so I take advantage of it as much as I can. I have 11,500+ Followers on Twitter and I use the audience to promote not only the radio show, but also new music to my audience that otherwise they wouldn’t know about.

SF: Let’s get personal, tell me some random facts about yourself? Well I’m 24, have two cats (Rusty is 20, Lexi is 11). I love my Hometown Philadelphia sports teams (Eagles, Flyers, Sixers, Phillies) and hanging with my parents and friends. I love being able to do what I do for a living and to bring new EDM to listeners all over the world.

SF: I have a dog and cat who thinks she’s a dog so I love that we are both animal people! Alright, let’s end with some info for the readers. How can we listen to Dance Show With MJR if we’re not in one of your radio stations areas? Social media handles?

MRJ: You can listen by visiting https://www.mixcloud.com/michaeljohn-roach/ New shows are every Thursday. My social media handles are @MJRonRadio on Twitter and @MJRRadio on Instagram.

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