Happy B-Day Briggs!

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         Sean Brignall, AKA Briggs, is a man of the people. Want to request ‘Losing It’ by Fisher? He’s your guy. Want “more Calvin Harris”? Also your guy. Want to hear a groovy house set? Also, also your guy. Need someone to endlessly tease you, while you take every chance to make them as uncomfortable as possible? You guessed it…your guy. And it just so happens to be this guy’s birthday, so we took the chance to slightly embarrass & get to know him just a tad better. (Thanks to his better half, Abbey, for helping with some of these questions)

S: Happy Birthday! Are you 13 or 14?

B: 34

S: If you were forced to do karaoke, what song would you do?

B: Bohemian Rhapsody

S: What’s the worst thing I’ve ever made you do?

B: Many things

S: How many shots does it take for you to start dancing?

B: I bob, not dance

S: Word on the street is that you took break dancing classes as a child…(3 years ago?) Why don’t you incorporate that skill into your dj sets?

B: I incorporate all of my skills in my DJ sets

S: What’s the most nervous you’ve ever been for a set?

B: Destructo, I literally shut down from a panic attack until I started playing.

S: What is your favorite venue to play?

B: Favorite venue is a packed Shady Park. There’s a reason why a lot of international acts love it there. Unreal vibes.

S: Least favorite?

B: No least favorite venue yet…

S: If you were to get your dream studio makeover, what’s the first thing you would put in?

B: Dream studio (think face emoji) first thing would probably be some crazy modular synth

S: Dream collaboration-dead or alive?

B: Dream collab would be The Bee Gees… but for real it would be a tossup between Claude, Solardo, Porter Robinson, and Jon Gooch (Feed Me/Spor)

S: How’d you land such a cool wife?

B: I blame my friend Timmy at EDC the first year it was in Vegas, for cementing our relationship.

S: Does it bruise your ego that your cat loves Abbey more than you?

B: Lol, that’s what Abbey likes to say, but the meowing says different.

S: What’s your secret guilty pleasure music?

B: All the pop-punk/emo/scream. I guess that’s not much of a guilty pleasure though, considering most people my age still like it. *Off the record, he told me it was Taylor Swift*

Happy birthday, Sean! Phoenix is lucky to have ya!

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