A Thursday Voyage: Crew Members from Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage sail to the 805

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In a city where the streets are accustomed to rolling up at 9PM, the party had just begun.  One of Westlake Village’s most notorious bars “Bogies” housed a few local DJs along with some big time names for a house-party on Thursday night.  Living in the 805, nightlife here is not a thing — It never has been a thing.  But for the first time in a while, nightlife is becoming a thing.

“Momentum” has been a recurring, Thursday night event in Ventura County for little over a year now. Locals: Austin Fietze, Sabrina Porras, Connor Catanese, and Michael Miller are the main names behind this mastermind of a project that the 805 so desperately needs. Bogies, one of Westlake Village’s most popular bars, has recently accepted Momentum’s platform and is bringing some slammin’ house beats to the ears of their bar-goers on Thursday nights. Hopefully for more Thursday nights to come!

Local talent Fietze (Austin Fietze), opened up the night with some slammin’ House Beatz that paved the way for Big & Little (Connor Catanese and Sabrina Porras) who played into the night with some groovy – acid vibes, leaving you itching for more. If you want to hear it for yourselves, come on out every Thursday night at Bogie’s Bar for Momentum. These three know how to throw a party when they’re up there spinning! It is a free RSVP every Thursday — Otherwise it’s $5 at the door. The link to their Instagram can be seen below.

To prove that Momentum is serious about their platform, they managed to book two band members/DJs from the ever so famous “Fantastic Voyage” – Sam von Horn and Benny Bridges went b2b on Thursday night and sailed to the 805 to search for treasure. The groove fest came out immediately, but as the night grew longer, these two crew members voyaged beyond the groovy vibes and took our ears on an intergalactic journey through time.  Maybe I over-exaggerated a bit, but without a doubt they flipped the switch from funky to a heavy hitting house show.  As I sit here and write this, I want more of what I heard last night from these two animals.   To play some unreleased tracks at Bogies says a lot, gents. That was greatly appreciated!  YOU TWO KILLED IT.  FULL SEND AT CAMPOUT! I cannot wait to see what the Fantastic Voyage has in store for us. Sam and Benny played a groove cruise on the dance floor — It was a fantastic voyage all night long!

To say the least, the night sailed on and the music wasn’t wrong.  If you are in the 805 on a Thursday night, stop what you are doing and head to Bogies for a night filled with amazing people, groovy vibes, and house party that will leave your ears a ringing (in a good way of course).  Momentum Thursdays took us all on a Fantastic Voyage and there will be more to come —  You can join Momentum on Facebook in the link below in order to stay tuned in with any updates and news on selected talent for upcoming events. This Thursday, come catch Matt Anthony (Perfect Driver) throw down that tech and funk we’ve all been waiting for!

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Photos by: brittneynorthernphot
Go check out Momentum’s social media networks!


FB: https://www.facebook.com/buildthemomentum/


IG: buldthemomentum

FREE RSVP Link can be found on buildthemomentum’s Instagram of here: linktr.ee/buldthemomentum

This week, Momentum welcomes:

Also, check out Soundcloud for the members from Justin Jay’s Fantastic Voyage and the Fantastic Voyage Soundcloud, as well.  Benny Bridges just released some new edits for those big ol’ house ears!  Take a peep!






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