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Well folks, summer has arrived and it is ready to stay!  Although California has seen its fair share of rain this year we are ready to finally enjoy some warmer days; and what is a summer day with out a BBQ? On July 8th, Dirtybird Records will be bringing their annual series of BBQ’s to The Los Angeles Coliseum Plaza. Now this isn’t your ordinary, family picnic kind of BBQ either, so get ready for some incredible food paired with only the best house music!

If you have attended a Dirtybird Campout or BBQ before, then you might be aware of the close knit, intimate, happy-go-lucky crowds that encompass these events. The BBQ’s though, are a bit different from Annual Campout Festival’s. This article will go into depth on what to expect when you go to one of their famous BBQ parties. 

Dirtybird BBQ is by far one of the most exciting day festivals you can attend these days. In my personal opinion it is hands down one of my favorite parties. Even if you aren’t a house head this event will leave you wanting more.   Last year, I attended the Dirtybird BBQ that was held in Las Vegas, it was nothing that I had expected. 

The venue was perfectly sized; you didn’t have to worry about being nudged, pushed or shoved as there was plenty of space to dance and party.  The event feels more like a family reunion than a festival, Dirtybird goes all out with curating a type of experience and making sure the environment is perfect for their flock. Everyone seems to always be on the same page; there are no frowns on the faces of your fellow birds, only smiles will be seen. 

All the BBQ’s generally have one stage, so having to worry about running back and forth to different stages, or ever asking “Who is playing where?” or  “What time is ___ playing?” To be honest, those questions don’t even matter.  What matters is that you (the attendee) enjoy your time there and let the music happen.  You won’t ever miss any of your favorite DJs once you arrive to the venue, and the music will be slappin’ da bass at one stage all day long.

This year’s lineup includes: Claude VonStroke, Justin Jay, Christian Martin, Dateless B2B Lucati, and just recently Justin Martin was added as a Special Guest. These 6 names alone are absolutely killer when it comes to events like this. 

Vonstroke is releasing his new album “Live in Detroit” this Friday (6/22/18). This album is a special project he has been working on since he recently headlined the Movement Festival in Detroit, the city where is he from. He created a Live Album from this set and even included his parents in the album.  You can expect him to open your ears to some new sounds when you attend the BBQ.  Personally I will always recommend that you DO NOT miss the Claudefather, he doesn’t mess around when it comes to his BBQ sets. 

Justin Jay is finally back at the BBQ!  What a better time for him to arrive then at the LA BBQ, if we are lucky maybe we see a little Fantastic Voyage action? Justin and the boys are currently on tour and I know he likes to incorporate live instruments in his sets, even if the Voyage wasn’t booked. Shady Park invited him a couple months ago and he sent it, Full Send for Justin Jay! 

Christian Martin never ceases to amaze me.  If you don’t believe me, go listen to his “Filthy Flavors Compilation” specifically made for the upcoming BBQ shows.

As for Dateless b2b Lucati; Dateless played at the Vegas BBQ last year and got real tech-housey when he hit the stage which turned the entire night into a tech house heaven.  It will be very interesting to see how both Dateless and Lucati will technify the sets early on. 

Yes, you read that correctly, the one and only Justin Martin is about to synthesize Los Angeles as one of the surprise guests at the BBQ.  Last year he played with brother Christian Martin; so maybe this year we will get lucky and catch a B2B Martin Brothers set. The Bash Bros UNITE!

Aside from the music, the environment at any BBQ is completely different and unique from previous festivals you may have attended.  Last year, the Vegas BBQ offered a unique feel to it with legitimate BBQing, pool activities, and a freaking man-made beach!

If LA BBQ does it anything like Vegas, you will find yourself kicking off your shoes, laying back, and listening to the music in the California sun.

In addition to the unique set up, there will also be contests for: Best Custom Creation, Best Costume, Best Dance Moves, and Overall Best in Show.  For all my introverts out there, be extroverted for a day and participate in the contests.  Win or lose, you will experience new people, make lasting relationships, and feel comfortable with those around you. Loosen up, and get those legs moving!  Dirtybird truly knows how to make you feel at home with contests like these — Be yourself and have fun! 

After all, prizes will be given out that include 1 year of Birdfeed Membership and a weekend pass to Dirtybird West Campout 2018!  If LA happens to be different than the Vegas BBQ, then just remember; you’re in Los Angeles — Enjoy the sun and the beautiful souls that are attending the festival with you!

Vegans Beware: Dirtybird BBQ holds the name “BBQ” for a reason.  Before I go into detail about the actual food, I want to extend my heartfelt prayers and thoughts with those who knew, met, or encountered Chris “Grill$on” Wilson.  Grill$on was Dirtybird’s very own BBQ extraordinaire. He had been apart of the Dirtybird flock long before Dirtybird was even established as a label. He was one of the first faces you ever saw walking into any DB gathering, he would personally reach out to everyone to make sure you felt welcome and comfortable. No matter what was going on he always had a smile on his face, and tongs in his hands. Grill$on was a truly great friend and one of the most anticipated interactions on the function. His smile, energy, presence and food will sorely be missed this year in LA and the following campouts to come. I hope we do something special for him at the LA BBQ, I know there will be people there dressed to impress with Grill$on patches and signs. He will live on in our spirits and energies. RIP to the OG of grilling, we love you, brother!

Dirtybird takes it’s grilling seriously — That is why I highly advise anyone who attends to buy a BBQ or vegetarian plate for a mere $20.00 “feast ticket”.  It’s totally worth it! Although your dinner options wont be like a wedding; you will be able to choose from chicken or tri-tip, with sides galore (No choice is a bad choice).

I love my Bird Fam.  I have met so many amazing, creative, genuine, and down-to-earth people at these events, and I encourage all attendees to loosen up, be creative, and enjoy the company you are spending with at this festival.  The BBQ series only comes once a year, so treat it like a family reunion and soak up the sun and summer festivities with those that share the same commonality as you do. Enjoy, be safe, and remember to smile — California is ready to party!

written/edited by Anthony Ohler & Juli Mohr.

Here is a small checklist for those attending the festival:


__ CA$H









__ DB BBQ Patch

__ A SMILE 🙂










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  • Ely says:

    Love this article and all the DB fam! Oakland’s BBQ was amazing and wish I could make it for the LA one as well. Rest in Peace Grill$on.

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