A Sonny, Friday Night

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Sound Nightclub was spot on with this lineup. It was vibes central from the very beginning.

Lee Wells opened up the night with some vibes – Taking it to a whole new level. He started off the night grooving, grabbing the crowd with his tropical feels; I felt like I was on an island. His shirt was unbuttoned from the get go, only foreshadowing how the night would go. His loose, laid back and relaxed mannerisms mellowed out the crowd as more people piled into his set. As more and more people began showing up into the packed room, the crowd became controlled – On came “Crowd Control” by Fisher. He was now in control.

Immediately after Crowd Control, he turned the place into a deep tech house set where I felt as if I was back in the Yuma tent in Indio. From that point forward, he threw it down, harder than what I was expecting. Lee Wells, you’re a stud – Sound was shaking, heads were swaying, and bodies were grooving in sync to the vibrations he was throwing at the crowd. Well done, good sir. Bravo! To be honest, I wanted Lee Wells to play a 6 hour set after what I heard (sorry Sonny) in that nightclub.

But, it was time for it to get real Sonny at night. The deep night continued after Lee Wells when Sonny Fodera took the stage. Again, for another solid 30 minutes, it felt like a Dirtybird takeover. More Fisher tracks were being dropped and quickly, I was moving side to side like a rollercoaster. I finally realized that I was a complete idiot for missing his set at Dirtybird Campout this last year. Go See Sonny Fodera if you ever get the chance, the guy puts you into a trance, its quite astonishing at times. Hands down, one of the best sets I have seen at a club in a while.

All in all, Sound Nighclub provided wonderful entertainment and hospitality for those looking for a solid, Friday night house session. I have been the avid Exchange Nightclub attendee in the recent past — But, I must say, Sound Nightclub has been my go to over the last year or so. Their talent being booked, along with their “bar-like” club environment has made it far more appealing than the crowd packed house which Exchange has become over the last 3 years or so. My advice to most club goers in Los Angeles: Give Sound Nightclub a chance if you are looking for a less crowded, yet more intimate scene for the sets you love or yearn to finally hear live. You will not be disappointed, I promise you that. (Side note, when the grill is back up, get the tater tots with the lobster sauce – The drunchies will occur and you will thank me later.)

As for the talent, Lee Wells and Sonny Fodera would be the nastiest duo to go on tour (or at least a mini tour together). Both of these guys were completely on the same page with their track lists. Sonny graciously allowed Lee Wells to play one additional track where you could see the happiness and smiles amongst the both of them. More importantly, the EDM community would really appreciate it if Lee Wells, Sonny Fodera, and Fisher all went on tour together. After all, we saw the ABC tour with ANGELZ, Bijou, and Ciszak – And that tour absolutely popped off.

Upcoming shows:

Lee Wells
with Bones @ Sound Nightclub – 06/29/2018 (1 year anniversary)

Lee Wells
with Croatia Squad, Kim Anh, Sam Hiller @ SkyBar at Mondrian (Los Angeles)

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